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Our First Story

Patch & the Cyborg Plague preview Our story begins in the year 2116 a young boy’s life is transformed forever by his own heartless, evil, twisted father, a brilliant scientist whose work has transformed the lives of so many yes but a man who is only driven by his own selfish goals of creating the ultimate life form. One day after helping his mother in the local book store this young boy heads home...


Our Mission 

We believe in helping others our goal is to improve people’s quality of life, helping others is our dream, it feels good to be kind to others. From losing a little weight to learning new skills or just entertaining others. How can we do this? We choose to sell books because we believe a good story can change somebodies life. They can make you laugh or make you cry. They can inspire, take you on a grand adventure or even just become a great night time comfort on a rainy day. They can teach you skills or even change your perspective on life. Books are incredible and have the power to change people’s lives by telling stories.


The greatest stories are the ones that make us feel, the ones that stay with us forever.


Is your story one of the greats? Then why not share it with the world?


Not only do we want to tell our stories, we also want to enable you to do the same. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of amazing Indie books are written everyday yet go unseen. Authors are forced to give up on their dream simply because they cannot afford to fund it anymore or publishers refuse to help, this is wrong!

This has to change, these books should see the light of day. They’re amazing! So anybody can sign up and sell their books through our platform for free.


So that is our dream, helping others one book at a time.