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About Us

Storyregion is an E-Commence, social network for the book industry. We focus on helping Indie authors become successful. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of amazing Indie books are written everyday yet go unseen. Authors are forced to give up on their dream simply because they cannot afford to fund it anymore or publishers refuse to help, this is wrong! 

We want to change that, these books should see the light of day. They're amazing! 

At Storyregion you can post your books no questions asked. keep track of your earnings through the dashboard, sign up to our marketing plan so we can help you further.

Users can connect with their friends create groups or just have a general chat.  

Want to just enjoy a good book? no problem visit our shop to buy from our authors and sellers. 

We aim to create an online marketplace for the book lover community. We encourage Sellers to post all kinds of book related products. Headphones to Bookshelves, Merchandise your stories  or just relax on a sofa.  

How We Make Money

If you become successful, we Become Successful

Commission per sale

Once you sell a product through our site we will take a 10% commission from the transaction. You can lower the commission to 5% per sale by signing up to our marketing plan. We only earn at most 10% of what you earn. If you become successful we become successful.

Affordable Marketing Plan

If you are a already a Storyregion Seller you can purchase the marketing plan. This is an affordable £10 per month. We will help support your product by promoting it, reduce your Commission, and will work with you on how to best market your Books.

Contact us

Have any more questions please contact us. Email Storyregion11@gmail.com