Patch & the Cyborg Plague preview

Our story begins in the year 2116 a young boy’s life is transformed forever by his own heartless, evil, twisted father, a brilliant scientist whose work has transformed the lives of so many yes but a man who is only driven by his own selfish goals of creating the ultimate life form.

One day after helping his mother in the local book store this young boy heads home and is told not to disturb his father. He never would as leaving his father in his workshop was normal however today he came home to find his beloved dog was very sick and on deaths door.

Understanding his father’s work on saving animals. He quickly burst into his father’s room, not realising this would change his life forever.

The boy begged his father to save his best friend.

“Of course I can help son” he said with a devilish smirk locking the door behind him as his son put his dying dog on the desk. ensuring him he was going to be okay.

Suddenly he aggressively pinned his son to the desk covering his mouth with his hand so he would stop screaming holding a needle in the other.

Terrified and alone the boy took one last look to his left at his best friend as he fell to sleep.

Two weeks later the boy woke up in the lab with nobody to be found he could hear a strange beating noise that seemed to be in sync with is heartbeat and his dog was nowhere to be seen either?

“What happened? Clearly dad put me to sleep so I wouldn’t have to see what he would do to Teddy but I have a really bad feeling something else happened” he thought to himself.

He made his way through the house until he froze at a mirror. So many thoughts rushed through his mind at that time but after a very long minute of staring at the stranger in front of him he came to realise as a tear ran down his face.  His memory resurfaced and he had to deal with the fact his own father had experimented on him. Transforming him into something not human, and he will never see his best friend again.

Two years later

After having time to deal with the pain, Patch as he now calls himself comes across a girl who doesn’t judge or reject him for his strange appearance. He saves her from a very strange looking robot something that has been causing havoc on the planet for weeks. A Toxic Cyborg

Very zombie like in its movements making them not very hard to run away from however touch the metal and you will become infected and soon transform into one yourself.

Patch did manage to save her however it seems not without a setback as the robot did manage to touch her. Determined to save his new and only friend and escape the planet that has given him so much pain he buys his first spaceship the Eagle and sets out to find the cure.

Heading for a brilliant scientist who claims to be able to reverse the infection from this new plague Oscar feline. Along the way they discover life in space can be difficult with a cheap spaceship but to save his friend he is willing to go through anything.

From alien planets to space pirates the two go through a lot on their adventure but can this cyborg plague be stopped in time?

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