As citizens of The United Kingdom we believe in our country and we want to help grow the UK in anyway we can. One Big problem we see in the UK is large Business seems to have all the benefits whereas nobody is helping and supporting small businesses. Why is there a divide? Why do people with lots of money get all the benefits? Every business should have the same opportunity to become a success. 

Our Mission is to help UK businesses become successful, we are not government we can’t change the laws they put in place but we can try to help by supporting the little guys. Helping them grow to the level where a small time UK business has the same opportunity to become a success as the large companies.

StoryRegion is a Selling platform where anybody in the United kingdom can post products for sale we only ask 5% commission based on the sales they make so that we can keep StoiryRegion going.

For example if you sell a product for £10 the seller will then make £9.50 and 50p will come to us. We choose to do it this way so you know we are actively working to support you, instead of just taking your hard earned money up front then leaving the rest to you.

We also offer an advertisement service for a low £10 a month so you don’t need to sell with us at all if you choose not to. We will promote your products no matter what platform you choose to sell on. Amazon, Ebay or any other platform. Our goal is to make you successful, so if you have given us £10 then why does it matter where you sell? Our job then becomes making you a success on all platforms.

Good people have to give up on their dreams of starting their companies because they are held down by a system that only helps those who can afford to buy it. We Don’t know if we can make you a success, we may fail ourselves, but we are not going to sit back while good hard working people are struggling to make their dreams a reality the least we can do is try help.

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