The Platform made for growing your business

Creating your online store & Selling has never been easier. StoryRegion gives you everything you need to manage your business in one place. Your brand in your control. Save time and energy as we bring the customers to you.

Now you can focus on your dream and running your business. 

Buying & Selling kept Simple

We try to keep things simple, Customers want to buy and sellers want to sell, why complicate things.

No website design or coding experience needed, simply add your product and we will actually work hard to bring in the customers for you.

Creating your online store has never been simpler for you.

You can run your business your way, allowing you to manage your whole inventory,  track your sales, create coupons for customers to offer deals, track your earnings, connect to your social media accounts even develop your SEO. 

All in one place to help make your life easier. 

Marketing & Support Service

Marketing your business is Vital to helping you grow. 

Selling using your online store, your own website on in store? Our job is to help bring traffic to you. Working with you learning about your product or service we can  create the marketing campaign that will generate the leads for you. 

Secure Payments

All Payments and transactions are handled by your bank accounts using Stripe. Meaning you get the money you earn 100% protected by your bank, as soon as the customer pays your money is on the way to you.

Never Miss out

Once you sell a product customers automatically receive their invoice. Taking that headache away for you and you receive a Email to notify you a sale has been made.

Total Control

Your Business your way. You have all the tools you could need to fully control almost all aspects of your business all in one place. from tracking your earnings to creating coupons for customers. Adding shipping costs to connecting your social media accounts.

Sell almost Anything

Not only can you list and sell your products normally you can also create auctions. Sell variable products allowing customers to choose different colours or combinations before buying or even downloadable products.

How do we help you grow?

Promote & Present

Once you have listed your product. we will actively work to try bring in customers for you by sharing on Social media, search engines, Email marketing etc.

We also present your listing in a professional manner if needed and place them into all relevant categories. if you have any requests on how you would like us to present your products we will also do so for you. 

Working for you!

  • We will Email you, and working together we will create the marketing campaign that is relevant to your business. 
  • Using that campaign we will then promote your business on the internet.   
  • We will promote your business no matter what platform you use.


If it be Ebay Amazon your own website it dose not matter to us. You are paying for the service so our job is to help your business grow. 

What will this Cost?


We earn money via commission. 

You sell a product, you will earn 95% from the price you listed. 

Alternatively, upgrade your package so that you pay zero commission.

If you grow, we grow!

Adding Products

Anybody can have up to 30 products within their store for free. 

If you have more products to sell you will have to upgrade your package.  


Monthly Payments

For us to to work together and actively support and guide your store and business helping with marketing and bring in traffic for you we do ask for £10 a month. 

You can also pay yearly if you choose for £100. 

You can cancel this service at anytime if you are unsatisfied or feel you no longer need our assistance.

We are here to help!

StoryRegion is dedicated to helping small business grow. Not everyone has the same opportunities as each other. Starting and running a business is hard work, very hard work not everyone has a huge budget to work with so a lot of small start-up companies are forced to quit because they cannot afford to survive. We want to help, giving support to the small companies, working with them to help them grow. 

Selling online or in store, using other platforms or just need help marketing? We know it is hard work growing your business. This is why we try work along side you helping your business grow. 

Sign up and start selling today!!

Marketing & Support

Helping grow your Business

  • Support your Store
  • Marketing Campaign approved by you
  • Actively work to bring in more traffic.
  • Promote your Store Location
  • Promote your Website
  • Promote other platforms such as Ebay Amazon etc
  • Any Help and Guidance on how to improve

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